Piercings are totaly a trend! Because of that I am going to give you some tips, show you some inspirational images (if your are insterested in getting a piercing), share my piercing experience and show some celebrities who have piercings.


  • Know your infection risk.
  • Factor in lifestyle:  it may not be so hip or accepted in some workplaces.
  • Ensure proper materials are used.
  • Follow care instructions.


My expirience

In October 2, 2016 I did a ear piercing. I was thinking about it for 2 weeks, and I asked my mom and she said yes, so I went to an jewelry store and I did it. It didn’t hurt. I was expecting for it to infect, because the first piercing I did it infected (it’s wierd my ears are a little bit fragil), but after that, it was ok, and I don’t regret it at all. Actually I am thinking about getting another one (just like Josephine Skriver’s, down below).

Celebrities’ piercings

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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